Therapeutic / Sports massage. Specialist massage targeting specific areas.

Therapeutic / Sports massage   60 mins$90

Massage with pressure point techniques for stress reduction and relaxation.

Full body massage 60 mins  $90

Back, neck, and shoulders 30 mins  $60

Back, neck, shoulders, and scalp 45 mins  $75

Feet and leg 30 mins  $60

Pregnancy massage, whole body 60 mins  $90

Pregnancy massage, back or leg & foot 30 mins  $60

Hot Stone Massage

A Hot Stone Massage starts with gentle placement of warmed stones on pressure points of the body. The heat and comforting weight of the stones immediately promotes a soothing sensation of relaxation and healing. The therapist then incorporates the stones with the massage to increase circulation, release tension and stress.

Hot stone full body 75 mins  $135

Hot stone back only 45 mins  $85

Add Ons

Reflexology per area, 15 mins   $25

Using pressure points based on ancient Indian understandings of the body, provide vitality to your body. Can be completed on the hand, face,or foot. Added on to any body treatment.

Indian Head Massage 15 mins   $25

Indian Head Massage has its roots deep within Indian culture based on the Indian Ayurvedic healing system. This particular form of massage can be used to relieve eyestrain, insomnia, migraines, stiff necks and shoulders and headaches. It also relaxes and tones the facial muscles and stimulates and nourishes the hair and scalp.

Ayurveda head massage with oil 15 mins  $30

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