Full body spray  $50

Half body spray  $40

Full body maintenance, respray 2-3 weeks  $45

Half body maintenance, respray 2-3 weeks  $35

We use SunFX tanning products, applied by spray in thin coats to build up the tan to a level you desire. You can choose from light, medium and dark tan colours.

For details and information about SunFX you can read more here

Notes for spray tanning: Please exfoliate on the day, or the day before to provide best preparation for ultimate tanning effect. This is best done with an exfoliating mitt and Pure Fiji sugar rub.

On the day, do not use moisuriser or deoderant, as this can badly affect the eveness, and colour, of the spray tan.

Wear loose clothing so that the fresh tan is not rubbed off.

Do not shower or bath for 8 hours after the spray tan to avoid diluting the colour.

After showering, tap dry rather than a vigouras rubbing.

Do not exfoliate, but do use moisturisers, to extend the life of the tan. We recommend Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion.

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